How to make an action for adding textures to seamless backdrops | Seattle & Tacoma Newborn Photographer

As a Seattle & Tacoma Newborn Photographer, I love being able to use seamless photos for parent photos and also in other sessions like maternity sessions and milestone sessions. Seamless is great to work with but can often have some flaws or cause banding in images. I love being able to use textures to polish off the look of the seamless paper. My favorite textures are purchased from Glow Portraits. Check out the video below to find out my process on how turn adding textures into an action and then you can batch edit and streamline the process!

Since making this video, I created a new action that has an if else statement to change the orientation based on if the image is portrait or landscape.

I was also asked to show how I edit newborn digital composites shot on black background as well as cream so I made a quick video. I know I sound awkward, but I was trying to keep an eye on my little one at the same time and it was hard to focus! These beautiful digital composites were purchased from Luisa Dunn Photography.

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