Studio Rental

The studio is located in Lakewood town center off Gravelly Lake Drive. Conveniently located just 5 minutes from multiple I-5 exits and to base. It features approximately 475 sq ft of studio space that includes a sitting and consult area, a lifestyle and natural light set up and an area for studio lighting and equipment. 


11120 Gravelly Lake Drive SW Suite 7 Lakewood, WA 98439. The studio is located across the street from Clover Park High School and upstairs from the Childrens Trading Post. The studio is on the second floor without elevator access. 

How big is the studio?

The studio is approximately 475 sq ft and divided into multiple areas. The entry is a sitting area with a couch, desk, tv and fridge that can be used for a consultation, appointment, sales meeting, hair and make up staging area or the comfort of your clients to relax during the session.

The studio also has an area designated for dreamy natural light photography with a lifestyle set up that includes a settee and a full size bed featuring a simple white and neutral set up perfect for lifestyle photography or boudoir. The futon in the sitting area can also be brought into this area. 

The other half of the studio area has everything from backdrop stands, bean bags for newborn photography, lighting systems, and more. 

What is included in the rental?

Equipment such as studio lighting, reflectors, step stools, heater, flooring, bed, chairs, changing table, seamless paper, etc are available for use. The studios individual props are not however unless otherwise arranged(wraps, newborn head pieces, gowns etc). Studio lighting includes an Einstein, multiple Alien Bees with a variety of modifiers (to include a 64 and 86 inch PLM, octobox, beauty dish) and lightstands. A basic trigger and hot shoe with sync cord is at the studio for use. It is your responsibility to ensure that it is compatible ahead of time with your camera or bring your own trigger for the studio lighting. 

What do I need to rent the studio?

Payment is due upon delivery of access to the studio by either credit, debit or cash. A check or cash deposit in the value of $100 must be left at the studio in case of damages. The check will not be deposited unless there are damages. The deposit will be returned when rental is complete minus any damages if any. Please email the studio with proof of liability insurance. 






$50 up to 2.5 hours

$75 over 2.5 hours


$75 up to 2.5 hours

$100 over 2.5 hours



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